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We know there are dozens of wedding blogs and wedding magazines out there, but you’re here with us. And for that, we’re going to make it worth your while. We’re here to help you plan your big day. We actually want to hear all about the venues you’re considering and the color palette you’ve selected and how the table linens are still not picked out. We want to know about that DIY project and how it turned out awesome and how your dress is THE MOST GORGEOUS THING you’ve ever seen.

And that’s because we wholeheartedly love weddings — right down to the tiniest little details. We’re Plan a Shindig and we’re the handmade wedding blog for detail-obsessed brides.

We’ll help you sort through the best wedding theme ideas, help you figure out the perfect color palette, and we’ll show you all kinds of fun ideas, like how to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids. We’ll even show you how to keep them happy. We’re the blog for wedding planning. For handmade weddings. For wedding themes. We’ll show you how to plan from start to finish.

We’ll show you how to plan an engagement party along with these 8 simple rules. We’ll talk you into taking those adorable engagement photos you’ve wondered about and help you pick perfect save the dates. We’ll help you trim that guest list with confidence. We’ll also let you in on the secret to the best handmade wedding finds because handmade is the bread + butter here at Plan a Shindig.

Oh, and we’ll definitely help you stay stress-free. We’re super into stress free weddings here at Plan a Shindig. A wedding day is supposed to be fun, not crazy. (P.S. Read this to keep things in perspective.)

And after all the initial merriment that ensues, we’ll never leave your side. We’ll be here to help you pick out the best wedding vendors to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. We’ll show you where to buy DIY wedding supplies and showcase diy wedding ideas to help you get crafty. We’ll be ready to lend a listening ear, day in and day out, and answer your most pressing wedding questions. We’ll show you ways to make your wedding unique, with everything from how to skip the veil to how to set up a head table for a huge wedding party to what to put in bridesmaid bags. We’ll share amazing Real Weddings with brilliant photography from our favorites to inspire you with hundreds of ideas you’ve never thought of before. We’ll keep you on trend, sharing the latest + greatest wedding ideas and showing you DIY tips + tricks.

You’re engaged. We’re here to help. And I think we’re going to have fun together.

To show you just how dedicated we are to helping you plan this incredibly wonderful, sometimes stressful but amazing time in your life, feel free to email us. Shout out when you need advice. Ask questions. Tell us what you want to see more of on the blog, what inspires you, and let us know how your planning is going. You can even divulge what is making you crazy and we’ll lend a listening ear. And we won’t judge. Or hold it against you. Because, we’ve been there. We get it. And, you won’t drive us crazy because we live for this stuff. We eat, sleep, and blog about weddings.

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